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Is this a 14 inch or 11 inch mattress? the info is mixed. i ordered, but now i'm afraid i'm going to end up with an 11" mattress.

asked by Anonymous
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  1. Yes, you must be careful while ordering. I got the 14" inch one to use without a box spring. Have had it for about a month now, and I love it. Firm, yet a little give. This mattress is very comfortable. My last one was a Nectar, and I think I like this one better.
    merilin answered on 2019-12-25 11:19:53
  2. This one is Gel foam with 14" size
    Ashley Parent answered on 2019-12-05 22:06:39
  3. It's 14
    Heidi answered on 2019-11-30 17:01:19
  4. The mattress which I purchased was Classic's "model "Eloquence" and it is an 11 inch mattress. We have been using it for almost two months and we are extremely satisfied with the mattress. It is very comfortable and gives my wife and I
    very good support. Completely pleased with our purchase. Don Keefer
    Donald W. Keefer answered on 2019-11-25 07:49:14
  5. Ours is 16 inces, you need to pay attantion how many inches it is, they come in different sizes. It should say on the package.
    ABHINAB BEHERA answered on 2019-11-21 08:32:46


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