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Is it comfortable

asked by Anonymous
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  1. I don't find it very comfortable but I sleep on my side and prefer a softer mattress. I use multiple pillows to cushion my knees and hip. If you suffer from joint pain, and sleep on side then I would not recommend.
    Chuck R answered on 2020-01-06 21:18:04
  2. It is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever owned
    James answered on 2019-12-28 21:01:14
  3. This bed is extremely comfortable! I have had mine for about two months and am very happy with it. Its not too firm that it makes my hips ache and not too soft that you feel like you are sleeping in a hole. Perfect! And the pillows that come with it are great too!
    Bablicals answered on 2019-12-24 16:08:37
  4. Very comfortable. On the firmer side if you like a firm mattress.
    Susan answered on 2019-12-19 08:41:04
  5. Yes, no complaints. Nice bed overall.
    malik answered on 2019-12-16 21:48:05
  6. I takes a few weeks for your body to adjust to it, but it is comfortable.
    Lewis answered on 2019-12-11 22:48:39
  7. I love it and think it's very comfortable... but then again, that's a subjective answer. Others think it's either too hard or too soft. The upper layer is quite soft and the base layers are firm and supportive. For me, it's a great combination. But, the only one who can truly answer that question for you is you.
    Dani R. answered on 2019-11-22 13:02:59


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