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My Acesleep Story

Each mattress has a story. We'd like to share your Acesleep Mattress story. Shoot a video about your Acesleep Mattress experience and share it with us. Once adopted, you will get a reward of $500.

Who Is Qualified:

The person who purchased Acesleep mattress at is qualified to participate in this sharing activity.

What Is Required:

Your video content has no restrictions, as long as the Acesleep Mattress is shown on the video. You are our valued customer and want to see your experience with Acesleep mattress. Please note that the length of the video has to be 3 to 5 minutes.

How To Participate:

We don't want to waste your time. Please explain your idea about this video before you shoot it. We will read your idea carefully and reply to you about our decision. Once you are informed if you qualify, you can grab your video camera and start filming.


*Once you upload your video, that means you accept the terms that Acesleep has rights to use your video on any business occasions.

Sleep Knowledge

You know how you feel on Acesleep Mattress.

Acesleep started the program to encourage sleep experts to write something about their own experience and knowledge. Some people do not realize how their health is threatened by the wrong sleep habits or an improper mattress. As a mattress manufacturer and seller, Acesleep views it as our responsibility to inform people of the correct sleep information.

Requirements & Rewards:

Participator: Sleep experts, or those who have a lot to say about sleep.

Topic: Everything about sleep

Length: No less than 2000 words and attached with a pertinent photo.

Participate Method: Email your article as an attached file to Acesleep at

Rewards: Once your article is adopted, you will receive $500 as rewards.


*Once you send your articles, you have accepted the terms that Acesleep has the rights to use your article with anything business related.

*Your article should be original. If it is found to be fully or partly plagiarized, it will not be taken into consideration.

*Acesleep reserve the rights to cancel the program at any time.


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