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  1. Nope! You should have wooden slats across your bed frame. That is the best support for this mattress.
  2. If your referring to weight, I'd say about 400 lbs between 2 people.
  3. If you want two you need to get the twin xl Matteress x 2 that s will make your king
  4. I didn't get the platform. Just mattress 14 1/2
  5. It is when using regular sheets. I use flannel in the winter and it keeps the bed warm.
  6. The size of the box is approx three feet high and about two feet deep. Quite heavy but not sure of exact weight rating. The mattress is vacuum packed inside two bags.
  7. It allows each persons body to sink in individually and the mattress keeps its shape. It doesn't sink in or cause you to pull apart. I have also noticed that it keeeps its shape perfectly. My husband is disabled and is in bed about 12 to 15 hours every day ( which is why we bought another mattress) and the mattress looks the same even after using it for four months. Highly recommend!
  8. all the reading i have done says that "foam" bed should be on a solid surface. or slats , no more than 5" apart.
  9. Mine didn't. I was so pleased. I don't remember exact time, but it was under two weeks.. I purchased twin size and love it!
  10. No it does not. You have to purchase the frame separately. We got a platform for it. Absolutely love the mattress.
  11. No sagging issues what so ever. I'm at 220lbs 6'2. Mine sits on a heavy duty platform frame. Best sleep I've ever had. Firm but completely comfortable. I fall asleep in less than 3 minutes.
  12. I do not have mine set up in an adjustable frame...but yes it is.


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