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12" Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

4.7 / 5


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0% Financing With Klarna

20 Year Limited Warranty

20 Year Limited Warranty

Just Right Designs Made A Better Mattress Just Right Designs Made A Better Mattress

1. Luxury Cool & Soft Mattress Cover

Cool movable and washable mattress cover made of fabric that is cool to the touch, regulates heat at an ideal temperature all night long, even on those 90 degrees Fahrenheit nights. It is anti-pilling, anti-bacteria and mites. OeKo-TEX Certified.

2. Fireproof Barrier

The Fireproof layer is made of the same fabric used in bulletproof vests, it does not contain any Glass Fiber or flame-retardant chemical additives. CFR1633 certified to protect against fire.

3. Open Cell Memory Foam 2.5"

The Open-cell Gel Memory Foam is proved to sleep 25% cooler than traditional petroleum-based polyurethane.

4. Bamboo Memory Foam 2"

Bamboo charcoal eliminates odors, absorbs excess moisture(if you live in Louisiana or Hawaii, definitely give this mattress a shot), regulates temperature, and is an excellent choice for people with allergies.

5. Gel Infused Memory Foam 1.5"

Gel memory foam wicks away heat, keeping you cool throughout the night. Adding gel microbeads to memory foam increases the density of the memory foam as well, creating a surface that's soft, yet firm. You won't experience that hot, sinking feeling.

6. Durable High Dense Base 6"

The high-density core base support foam keeps the mattress from deformation, collapse, and provides unparalleled support during the night.

best mattress for cool sleeping - Acesleep Mattress
best mattress for back and neck pain - Acesleep Mattress
cool gel 12 inch gel memory foam mattress - Acesleep Mattress
best mattress for lower back pain sufferers - Acesleep Mattress
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CFR 1633 flammability test

Acesleep mattresses all passed CFR 1633 flammability test, there’s no chemical fire retardant or glass fiber. Check Credential


CertiPUR-US® certified indicating that Acesleep mattresses are not only free from harmful chemicals, but low on VOC as well. Check CertiPUR List


Acesleep is awarded OeKo-Tex® Certification, indicating that there’s no harmful substance on the materials of the mattress cover.

best mattress for back sleepers with back pain - Acesleep Mattress
best mattress for back sleepers with back pain - Acesleep Mattress
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Dimensions and Weight


Mattress Dimensions:39" x 75" x 12"

Package Dimension:14" x 14" x 41"


Twin XL:

Mattress Dimensions:39" x 80" x 12"

Package Dimension:14.5" x 14.5" x 41"

Weight:59 lbs


Mattress Dimensions:54" x 75" x 12"

Package Dimension:14.5" x 14.5" x 56"

Weight:72 lbs


Mattress Dimensions:60" x 80" x 12"

Package Dimension:14.5" x 14.5" x 62"

Weight:89.9 lbs


Mattress Dimensions:76" x 80" x 12"

Package Dimension:14.5" x 14.5" x 72"

Weight:109.4 lbs

Cal King:

Mattress Dimensions:72" x 84" x 12"

Package Dimension:14.5" x 15" x 72"

Weight:114.4 lbs

Shipping Info.

Acesleep cooperates with UPS and FedEx to arrange the shipments, usually it takes 3 to 5 business days for the shipping. An updated email with tracking number will be sent once the mattress is shipped out.

Shipping Costs

Free Shipping & No-Hassle Free Return. learn more


20 Years Warranty.learn more

Advanced Features

Durable Cooling Mattress Cover

Durable Cooling Mattress Cover

Comfortable Pressure Relief

Comfortable Pressure Relief

Limited Motion Isolation

Limited Motion Isolation

Durable Usage Without Sagging

Durable Usage Without Sagging

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The surface sinks somewhat and conforms fairly closely

Medium Soft
Box Springs

Acesleep Mattress fits for most bed frames, including box spring, platform, adjustable bed frames, slats, bunk beds, trundle beds or even the floor.

Box Springs

Box Springs

Slatted Frames

Slatted Frames



Adjustable Frames

Adjustable Frames

“We used to wake up with sweat drenched clothes, but that never happened on this mattress.”

Annie M. -Washington, DC

“My back feels so much better now. I have not had pressure point pain since getting this mattress.”

Caroline F. -Austin, TX

“I love this mattress, not sagging in and not being uncomfortable either, sleep good on it .”

Morgan P. -Broadway, NC

The Acesleep Mattress

Reviews and Question From Amazon Buyers

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Review left on Dec 15,19

Rated 5 out of 5
Exactly what we were looking for!

We searched around for a bit before deciding on this bed. We read the reviews and decided we would give it a try. The package had an issue with the label being damaged while shipping, but it still arrived in good condition on time.After we received it I was a bit surprised because it seemed a lot heavier than the 83 pounds that the description stated. So we put the Bag on our scale and found out it was actually 108.5 lb!We got it upstairs to our room and unpacked it. We had to take off the packaging and flip it over fairly quickly before it became unruly.Inflated to proper size within about an hour and we were able to lay on it. It took a few more hours to become more firm enough to sleep on.Some people had commented on the fact of off-gassing. Being someone that is very sensitive to smells and allergic to many things and I have asthma, I was pleasantly surprised that the off gas smell only lasted an hour or two. We just opened the window and the smell was gone by that evening.We were able to sleep on the bed that first night and it was a bit squishy but very comfortable. I was hoping it would be a bit firmer so that way in a couple years when it’s really broken in, it wouldn’t be too soft. But the next night I got my wish and the bed just needed a little more time to become firmer. It did take a couple of days to get used to the firmness of the bed and I was a bit sore, but I am very happy now as the bed is supportive and soft at the same time, and I am a heavier person.My husband leaves for work before I get up and I don’t notice when he gets up most of the time now because the motion transfer is very minimal. As for making you hot when you sleep, I wouldn’t know about that as it is still chilly where I live this time of year. We also did put a waterproof mattress protector on the bed since we have small children that like to climb on our bed. These type of mattress protectors usually make you sleep hot. I will have to test out the cooling gel part of this bed later in the summer, but as for now I sleep comfortably temperature wise. I have been sleeping much better on this mattress than I had hoped. My husband and I would recommend this bed to anyone we hope you like it as much as we do.Update…it has been 5 months since we got this bed. Still love it! It is furn but soft and you only sink in just a tiny bit and that’s what makes it perfect. It hasn’t gotten squishy or too soft either. I have told family and friends they should buy this bed!! After the beds we have had before this…I couldn’t be happier with our purchase! It is the same bed sold at Costco and is $100 less here!!!


Review left on Nov 20,19

Rated 4 out of 5
A good mattress, but not perfect.

This is a comfortable medium-plush/plush bed to sleep on, but it’s definitely not a perfect bed. Although it’s not perfect, I’m happy enough to keep it. Below I have listed some points I would like to mention. Even though the cons section appears to be large, they tend to mostly be minor inconveniences that I can resolve (some more easily than others).Pros- Inflated to full size quickly after unpacking, although it’s best to follow instructions and allow the recommended time to fully inflate before using.- Comfortable bed, especially when sleeping on my back. Same could be said for my stomach, but I try to avoid this where I can.- When moving across the bed, it appears there is little to no motion on other parts of the bed.- Mostly comfortable sleep overall.- Material appears to be quality.Cons- I tend to adjust my body at night, including sleeping on my side occasionally. However, it seems my spine does not feel straight while on my side, causing some discomfort. This can also be felt in my neck sometimes, but I have a second pillow to assist when this happens. When I notice either of these problems acting up, I need to readjust to lay on my back.- The mattress is cool at first when laying down, but eventually heats up in the middle of the night. I tend to either take off my shirt or remove the comforter for a while. However, this could be an issue of the bed protector, I have not figured it out yet.- I purchase a Queen size. I have queen-sized sheets already, but the fitted sheets do not completely cover the entire mattress. I attempted to use new queen-sized as well as king-sized sheets to see if possibly if my old sheets shrunk; the new queen sheets still don’t cover the 12-inch depth mattress, and the king sized is a bit baggy. I have been looking for sheets that are designed for a 12-inch mattress, but have not located anything successfully yet.- The "free" pillows that come with it are HUGE. I’ve primarily been using them to assist in sitting up-right when I want, but I cannot get comfortable using them to lay my head upon. Maybe if I give them more time they will correctly adjust, but for now, I’m still using my previous pillows. If I had the option (and if it saved me money), I definitely would have opted out of these pillows.If you believe that those minor inconveniences are manageable as they are for me, then yes, go ahead and give this mattress a shot as it is comfortable. While I don’t believe they are deal-breakers for me, that may be different for you.I should note that I am a 29 year old male that weighs between 210-220 lbs at the time of writing this initial review.


Review left on Dec 21,19

Rated 5 out of 5
I really love this bed!

I was really prepared to not like this bed as I haven’t had a foam bed since the 70’s. There were lot’s of negative reviews for this bed, and I chalk it up to not everybody being pleased with it. Back to those percentages again. I’m a Vietnam veteran, and I am in pain much of the time. Beds I’ve had have not helped me much with the pain.Hips, back, even elbows. Pain keeps me awake many nights, and I have to take meds for pain, and to help me sleep.I am 350 lbs, and have lot’s of joint problems,I had some friends come over to help me manhandle the heavy and cumbersome package. We opened the seal up on the vacuum seal, we were all were surprised and amazed by the bed almost inflating itself instantly. There was a sound like air whooshing into it! After reading many reviews of the bed taking many hours to right itself into the right size, I attributed it to every bed responding differently to locations and altitudes in transport and storage.There was one review here that I saw where a gentleman said that of it’s nature, foam takes awhile when sleeping on it to go through several changes in firmness or support. I found this to be absolutely true. It has taken a few weeks of sleeping on it to find it’s become unbelievably comfortable to me. I sleep on the left side of the bed, and as I would sleep a little more to the center, I found the center to be much more firm, uneven really… But, when I decided to put this theory to the test, I started to sleep in the middle, and yes, the foam feel became consistent with my usual sleep area. Now the middle sleeps like the left side,It really is very plush… to a certain level in the depth of the mattress, then it firms up about 3 inches down. I find it to be very soft to sleep in, while at the same time being firm enough to support me very well. I’ve slept all over the mattress now, and the bed feels consistent throughout. Also, this bed sleeps cool. I find the bed does not add or amplify heat at that 3" deep level I had mentioned. So the gelfoam is very cool.I’ve been sleeping well for the first time in years. I had spent well over 2 thousand on a support individual coil spring mattress, and hated it after a few months. With my weight, the coil bed springs just gave out. I would sink into it.Now for the truly unbelievable part. I have been getting great sleep for the first time in 10 years. I have actually cut down on my sleep meds, because I’m not fighting with pain that a bed usually adds to my pain level. And I am actually sleeping very well. My body feels very well rested, and for the first time in years, I’m not having as much back pain, awake or asleep. I haven’t actually wanted to just lay there in my bed when I wake up for a long time, but do now cause I just want to enjoy the comfort a bit longer.I know, many of you have read front loaded 5 star reviews with the same cliche’s before, like "sleeping on a cloud".Well, for me at least, it feels like sleeping on a cloud. If your considering buying this, remember, you could be in that 15 to 20% that it doesn’t work for you, just like every other bed here. But for me, this one is a gem.


Review left on Dec 23,19

Rated 5 out of 5
Amazing mattress !!

Let me start off with a bit of background. I’m a relatively big guy (6’2" and 285 lbs), and have severe back issues.I had a tumor grow on my spinal cord, inside my spine which crushed my spinal cord resulting in paralysis from the chest down. Surgery removed the tumor and many functions returned. I can walk again (unsteady and not far). The surgery left me with 4 herniated disks and many completely numb areas, especially in the hips. I say this to explain that I have more back pain/issues than most can ever imagine. This mattress was unbelievably helpful. I used to wake up and turn side to side 4 to 6 times an hour. Sleeping flat on my back was impossible. Side sleeping would result in severe deep throbbing in my numb areas. Now I wake only 3 or 4 times a night. After the first night my morning pain level went down a lot and after a couple of weeks I am mostly pain free in the morning.I have never had any kind of foam mattress before. I have generally slept on traditional inner springs my 60+ years. I didn’t know if I could manage the change in feel to a foam mattress. The wife and I went to many mattress stores and tried out the foam mattresses. I found that the spring and firmness was very important for me. I need enough firmness to help me turn over with my weakened lower body. I also found through research that because of my size it was suggested that i needed at least a 10-12" foam mattress with a thicker base core foam to firm up against my weight. This mattress seemed to meet all the suggestions and then some extra so I gave it a shot. I ordered the adjustable base and this mattress.When it arrived we assembled the base which only took about 30 minutes. Unpacked and unrolled the mattress. Amazing to watch the expansion. There was a very slight odor. Not strong at all and it mostly dissipated in a couple of hours and was gone the next day. I slept on the mattress after about 4 hours. It was very soft and I had trouble moving around. This worried me of course, but I realized that the foam needs a few weeks to stabilize so I would watch it. Over the course of the next day the bed became firmer. Over the next 2 days the bed became VERY firm. Still completely comfortable, but VERY firm. Much firmer than any inner spring I have had, but it retained it’s soft feel pressure wise. Again I would wait and see. After 2 weeks the bed began to soften somewhat. Now after a month it has become near perfection for me. I sink in just enough to where I have a little resistance to turning over, but it is almost the same as my old pillow top. It gives great support to my back and body. I no longer wake to numb or tingling arms (I sleep on them under my head). No more sore shoulders or back pain. No more waking with my hips or butt throbbing from the pressure (nerve damage is a nightmare that is hard to explain or understand). I used to have to get up and walk around in the night to get things back in "perspective". That is a thing of the past. I only get up at night now for a bathroom break and right back to sleep.The first night I slept on the bed I had issues going to sleep. The different feel of a foam mattress seemed to agitate me. Once I fell asleep though it was a sound all night sleep. My first in years. Over the first week I would wake up very stiff and had some issues with soreness. I was trying to sleep in the flat position without the head raised 6 inches or so. Something I have not been able to do for over 20 years.This went away over a few days until I am now relatively pain free (for me anyway). I swear it had to do with my spine realigning from having proper support because I can sleep comfortably flat now though a slight 3 inch head raise makes it seem better.My wife and I have not slept in the same bed due to my constant tossing, turning and up and down, for many years. She has tried a few nights nights on the mattress to see how it does for her. Her king size is arriving tomorrow. She loved it as well and said she woke up with much less pain and slept sounder on it.Is this the perfect mattress for everyone Probably not. Is it a great mattress I would say yes. If you are a big person and worried about a foam mattress being firm enough to support you I would say go for this. Also, give it some time for the foam to stabilize. It really does take a couple of weeks.. If foam is new to you, wait to adapt to the different feel. It’s a big change to your body memory, but it will be worth it in the end.Enough of my rambling. I just wanted to tell you my experience with this mattress since it has made a huge difference in my life. And no, I don’t work for the company of even know anybody who does. I will update this if something changes.


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  1. yes, white side needs to be up and you can look at the name at the end of the be cool gel or just flip it and the pillows will be on bottom/ underneath
  2. You can put them both in your cart and save for later to watch. I did and I grabbed my King when it when it was lower than the regular Price it used to be. And it didn't take long before it was down again. Right now the Queen looks to be on "price drop". If you wanted a Queen $250 is a deal! The double may drop... and finally if I remember correctly the seller is very active on the Q&A.
  3. Slight differences in the thickness of various foams used. Look at the cut out pictures.
  4. Yes, I think so. It's not too hard yet not too soft. Perfect!
  5. Mine inflated in about an hour.
  6. We do not have an adjustable bed, so unfortunately, I am unable to answer that. I’m sorry.
  7. For me I'd say the top four inches are nice and plush. The rest is a nice firm base so you don't sink in like crazy. Just the right amount of firm and plush imo.
  8. The gel foam regulates temperature so you do not get hot on the mattress
  9. We use a waterproof protector for sweat or spilled drinks. I would invest in a breathable, waterproof cover, and wouldn't go for the cheapest or vinyl option.
  10. You will need to contact customer service on this questions. I'm a customer too, Amazon sends me questions on the bed that I purchase asking if I can assist in the questions.
  11. If you scroll down fat enough it will show you the layers, tell what they are.They also explain layer if you click on more info tap
  12. We used one to start with but found the mattress to be warm enough by itself so we took the heated pad off.


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