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Mattress Buying Guide

Mattress Buying Guide

Mattress buying is a tough decision and a toilsome experience in the past. Now buying mattress online becomes a trend. When consumer buy a mattress online, they will receive mattress at their door even set-up free service. They start to trial the mattress at home for 100 nights even longer for free. The 10 years or longer warranty assure consumers to keep the mattress for decade. Cutting out the distributor, agency and salesman, buying a mattress online costs less than buying at retailer stores.


However, various online mattress brands make consumers feel overwhelmed to choose. This article picks four popular mattress brands and compares them fairly. Consumers with a budge between $500-$1000 for a mattress might find this guide helpful.


Brand Acesleep Nectar Leesa Casper
Foam Layers 4 4 3 4
Thickness 12” 11” 10” 10”
Price For Queen Size $767.59 $725 $995 $995
Home Trial 120 nights 365 nights 100 nights 100 nights
Warranty 15 years Whole life 10 years 10 years
Firmness Medium Medium Firm Firm Medium
Mattress type Memory Foam Gel Memory Foam Avena, Memory Foam  Memory Foam


Products are the core competitiveness for a company. Except for the successful marketing, there must have something unique on their mattresses. So exploring the mattress construction is necessary.


Acesleep mattress is designed with Ace-Pur memory foam, bamboo charcoal memory foam, gel infused cushioning layer and sag-free base layer. The plant-based eco-friendly Ace-Pur memory foam is manufactured in open-cell structure for better air circulation. The bamboo charcoal memory foam can absorb smell, control humidity and temperature. Acesleep mattress is 12 inches with 4 layers, each layer has its own function and together make up a whole mattress.


Nectar mattress has 4 layers of quilted gel memory foam, gel memory foam, Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam and base layer. Gel is known for its ability to absorb the heat, so the temperature won’t increases fast when sleeping on it. Its Adaptive Hi Core memory foam can contour sleeper’s body and support it but not sink in too much.


Leesa mattress has the cooling Avena Foam on the top, a pressure relieving memory foam in the middle and the 6 inches base foam as a support on the bottom. Leesa’s exclusive Avena foam provides the cooling bounce, air circulation and motion isolation. Three layers are the most proper combination for a 10 inches mattress, simple structure but strong function.


Casper mattress is combined by 4 layers -- breathable open-cell foam, high-density memory foam, zoned transition foam, durable support foam. The highlight of its structure is the zoned support layer where the hip and core zone is support by firmer foam and the shoulder is supported by softer foam so that sleeper’s spine stays alignment.


From above mattress structures, we can conclude that a comfortable memory foam mattress is equipped with three basic elements -- heat distribution, pressure relief and support. Sleep hot was complained a lot for memory foam mattress. Each brand takes measures to increase air flow channels and add cooling ingredients into the foam, which are effective for heat distribution. Body contouring is exclusive sleeping experience for memory foam mattress. The premium memory foam can contour sleeper’s shape to relief the pressure points. One of the standards to judge a memory foam mattress is the spine support. If a mattress cannot support the spine in a natural curve, some pains and aches will occur. These four brands are generally consistent with the standards as we can see from their structure.


a white pillow and a bunch of flower on the night table


Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. We collected some consumers’ reviews, let’s see how these mattresses work for all types of sleepers.


Strong lasting chemical smell is one of the problems complained by some consumers. Normally the smell will dissipate in few days. We cannot speak other brands, but Acesleep has some measures to minimize the possibility. Not only improving the foam formula to reducing the odor at the root, but also adding the bamboo charcoal ingredient to absorb odor and increase other functions for Acesleep mattress.


Sleep hot still exists in some memory foam mattresses. Nobody wants to wake up sweaty in the middle of night. Some brands add gel ingredient into the foam which can slow down the heat increasing. Besides, the mattress cover also is a way to cool down the temperature. Nectar uses the Tencel cooling cover that helps circulate air and wick away heat. Acesleep adopts a cooling silky cover that has the permanent cooling and silky touching feeling.


There is heated dispute for the mattress firmness between consumers. But it has no standard about the firmness. The preference for firmness varies from person to person. These four brands define their mattress as medium or medium firm, how it actually feels only when consumers sleep on it will know. Every brand provides 100 nights or longer free-risk home trial. It is worthy to do the trial, if you don’t like it, you can get your money back. Test it, and you may find your favorite mattress.


Consumers often search a lot before buying a mattress, but the mattress finally bought home is disappointed. So the after-sale service should be taken into consideration for mattress shopping. Hope the information above will help you make a decision. Mattress buying is a tough experience, but comfortable night sleep deserves that and a satisfied customer service will help a lot.


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